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Jan 23, 2018 (12:29 PM)

Understanding Your UsageTracker Tool

As you may know, every Blue Ridge Energy member using electric power has access to a free tool in their web portal, and mobile app, called UsageTracker. It is a powerful tool that allows you to track your electric power usage on a daily basis and compare it to daily high and low temperatures.

 However, it might be difficult for many to understand the story being told by the data in their UsageTracker tool. Without this understanding, this powerful tool will not be able to inform your energy saving decisions.

In the video below we break down the information from recent weather events in a real UsageTracker tool.




Log into your account to see your UsageTracker tool and see how recent weather has affected your electric power usage. 

Energy Saving Tips:

  • Wear warmer clothing, especially socks, and lower the thermostat.
  • Lock your windows to ensure they are sealed as tight.
  • Turn off bath and kitchen fans so you don't pull warm conditioned air outside.
  • Make use of alternative heat sources (wood, propane gas logs, etc...).

Here are some more energy saving strategies.

UsageTracker on Mobile

Download the Blue Ridge Energy mobile app to see your UsageTracker data on the go!

Download UsageTracker Mobile App